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With over 30 years of experience, MSP stands as a leading developer of real estate concepts. Whether it's about return on investment, risk diversification, or tax optimization, MSP is dedicated to long-term strategies for sustainable capital investments. Our defined goal is your profitability. Our strategy: Long-term wealth development through residential properties in prime urban locations of growing metropolises. Together, we lay the foundation for your investment with a property tailored to your needs.

Just as sustainable as our real estate concepts are, so too are our client relationships. The first investment sets the stage for a successful collaboration, whether it's for our services related to your property or for the development of your future real estate projects.

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The success of our concept lies in personalized guidance. Based on a tailor-made tax and financing strategy, we ensure the long-term security of your capital investment. Your investment security is our top priority.

We handle all questions related to the financing of your property with the same expertise. We assist in choosing the right financing model and connect you with selected experts. Our extensive network with financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, and other real estate financiers complements our guidance.

Your individual real estate concept is completed by an extensive after-sales service. When you acquire an investment property with us, you automatically receive a service package that minimizes your management efforts. This service package includes property management and maintenance for the sustainable preservation of your property. MSP collaborates closely with NDG Property and House Management for this purpose.

Heritage properties captivate with their unique character: historic facades, intricate details, and craftsmanship that exude a special charm. These distinct and visible elements are further complemented by attractive tax benefits. Heritage investment properties allow investors to write off the recognized renovation costs over twelve years while benefiting from a higher depreciation rate.

MSP specializes in the conception and brokerage of these charming investment forms. We evaluate heritage buildings not only in terms of their appeal from a real estate and tax perspective but particularly in terms of their location, usability, and renovation quality. Years of experience and demonstrated expertise in assessing heritage structures ensure a secure investment decision for you.

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For instance, our residential units feature kitchens from the Nobilia manufacturer's Flash model line. The laminated body structures come with a solid-color decor in the glossy front color Magnolia:

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