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For over three decades, we have been building, selling, and renting top-quality properties in the prime locations of Hamburg, Berlin, and Leipzig. Upholding high-quality standards and a strong commitment to service, we secure the long-term success of your investments. Our aspiration: Satisfied customers. Through our references, we aim to provide you with a brief overview of our work as property developers, project managers, and marketers of commercial and residential real estate.

Flemmingstr. 36
in D-12555 Berlin
Krefelder Weg 16
in D-22419 Hamburg
Achternfelde 23, 25, 27
in D-22850 Norderstedt
Pinneberger Str. 49, 51, 51 a-l
in D-25451 Quickborn
Katharina-von-Bora-Weg 1–11
in D-21244 Buchholz
Stellinger Weg 36/38 a–f
Methfesselstraße 84/86 in D-Hamburg
Alsterberg 18-20
in D-22335 Hamburg
Wohnpark Reekamp in Hamburg
Rübenkamp / Grögersweg
in Hamburg-Barmbek
An der Alsterschleife 16-20
in Hamburg
An der Alsterschleife 14
in Hamburg
Oberhofer Platz
in Berlin
in Leipzig
in Leipzig

in Leipzig
Tilia Carré
in Leipzig

in Leipzig

Hoffmanns Gärten
in Leipzig
in Leipzig
Blochmann Carré
in Leipzig

Top Standards for Top Properties

For instance, our residential units feature kitchens from the Nobilia manufacturer's Flash model line. The laminated body structures come with a solid-color decor in the glossy front color Magnolia:

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From Concept to Realization -
A Visual Tour

NDG Group is your destination for premium construction projects. Explore articles and films showcasing our achievements.

Wohnpark Reekamp, Hamburg