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NDG Property Management Expertise

NDG Hausverwaltung GmbH, with over 25 years of management expertise, is a seasoned company dedicated to the needs of properties, their residents, and owners. Our service portfolio encompasses both commercial and technical management of residential buildings. Focused on preserving and enhancing the value of your property, we stand for individual care and demonstrated real estate expertise.

A significant part of our activities is our full-service approach. We support you in cases requiring powers of attorney or information on property law. We provide detailed guidance on aspects of house fees, thoroughly explain management fees, and offer contract templates as needed. Naturally, we also arrange property-related insurances, such as liability insurance for asset damage. Whatever it may be, in close collaboration with lawyers, tax consultants, construction technicians, and architects, we ensure prompt and professionally mature solutions for you.

What You Can Expect

Our staff serves as dedicated contacts for all property-related matters. Regular collaboration with lawyers, tax consultants, and construction technicians/architects allows for the swift resolution of most technical queries within our premises. Using a specific accounting system, we provide a clear year-end statement, indicating, for example, allocable operating costs and tax-relevant supplementary details (fixed deposit returns, reserve consumption). Regular, but at least monthly, inspections and the participation of the management in council meetings enable the council and interested co-owners to shape and oversee the management's activities. A protocol is generated for each conversation/meeting, and important decisions and information are disseminated several times a year through circulars to all owners. Active information communication helps address many co-owners' questions in advance.

Necessary repair and maintenance requirements are discussed and prepared during inspections in collaboration with the management council. The necessary collection of offers and the comparison of offers to prepare decisions by the co-owners' assembly ensure the preservation of your property's value. Complicated and extensive renovation measures, if required, are carried out after the community's resolution with the involvement of external experts.

NDG Hausverwaltung GmbH is typically appointed for a five-year term, with shorter terms possible by agreement. Generally, the contracts establish an extraordinary termination right at the end of the second year without stating reasons (probation period).

Our know-how in management is well known to you. Demonstrated real estate expertise and a successful network can offer even more. When needed, we can handle the valuation or sale of your property. We are on-site, have all the documents, know the premises, and have partners by our side. Real added value for you.

With Certainty by Your Side

Whether new construction or renovated old building properties, you have high expectations for your property, and we take them seriously. We manage residential properties in prime locations of growing metropolises and represent first-rate quality in construction, technology, and personal care. From experience. With expertise. For you.

Power of Attorney
What to Do When the House Fees Are Unpaid
Property Law
Provide Verwaltungsvertrag Template

Real Added Value through a Successful Network

You are familiar with our expertise in property management. But did you know that we can also assist you with property valuation and sales through our network?

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Reliable determination of local market prices.
    We are on-site.
  • Optimal presentation of your property.
    We have all the documentation.
  • Conducting property viewings.
    We know the property.
  • Credit checks.
    We have the partners.
  • Contract preparation.
    We offer full-service.

Experienced real estate expertise that makes the difference.